Loan Services

Looking back on over 30 years of experience in loan servicing, the Loan & Collateral Management unit services international loan portfolios.
The range of products managed in Luxembourg primarily comprises LBO, acquisition, project and commercial real estate financing. In this context, we perform a variety of roles including arranger, agent or security agent for the Bank as a whole.

Today we manage a comprehensive loan portfolio, with the main emphasis on Scandinavia, and provide the Group with diverse services in the field of loan and collateral processing and management.
A modern IT infrastructure and the great expertise of our dedicated staff ensure professional and timely servicing of complex structured transactions.
As a reliable partner, we maintain close contacts with our units in Hamburg and Kiel as well as in Singapore and Athens.

In addition, Hamburg Commercial Bank AG makes a factoring platform (Smart Fact) available to its clients, which is administered by HCOB Securities S.A.

For more information, please contact
Hamburg Commercial Bank AG
Matthias Broy, phone: +49 431 900 25619
Jan Schubert / Marc Wichmann, phone: +49 431 900 14177.



Credit & Fund Solutions / Luxemburg

Credit & Fund Solutions has many years’ experience in closed-end funds and serves both Luxembourg fund structures as well as German closed-end investment schemes, primarily in the alternative investments segment, for private clients and institutional investors.

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